Doing Life & Sharing Journeys: of Culture, of Faith, of Respect, of Learning

Welcome to Red Dirt Blue Sky and Blue Sky Pilbara.

Together these two entities provide holistic and therapeutic response to serving, empowering and tackling complex issues facing the Martu of the Western Desert. 

Together all areas of life inclusive of faith and culture can be addressed. The vision of the two agencies is to see Martu people, families and communities be and become all they were created and designed to be, to break poverty and the indicators of poverty through going on the journey of reaching their full potential. 

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About Blue Sky Pilbara

We are a non funding driven model. That is we are not dictated or dominated by agenda or outcomes but by relationship with community and the direction and needs they determine, as they determine them. 

We believe we need to earn the right to hear story

We believe from the moment of the first hand-shake this is their work

We are committed to earning and valuing social capital 

We operate within the framework of contextualization; working purely within the context and where the people are at, not where we want or expect them to be. 

We value enculturation, gaining cultural competency, looking for eg The Martu Way

We value engagement of Martu in appropriate use of their resources and provision. This includes local partnership, local technology, local knowledge, time as a resource and experience as a resource.

We outsource the required technical assistance which may require some financial backing or partnership agreements

We provide a scaffold, that is, a structure and framework that is fluid and temporary, used only as required for the period it is required and the purpose it is required 

We value inclusion 

We value volunteerism 

We work to best practice principles of international and community development