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Red Dirt Blue Sky inc
Stephen Inouye

Stephen Inouye

Stephen is a West Point graduate, whose time serving in the US military saw him live in a number of countries including Germany. He currently runs his own CBD based engineering consultancy company, Veritus. His business is the winner of a number of small business awards.

Stephen and his wife have a passion for community involved with his children as a Scout Leader and member of Rotary Club of Perth. He currently serves as Chairman of Good News Broadcasters Inc , the Sonshine FM radio, which is WA’s largest Christian radio station. Stephen is an active member of Parkerville Baptist Church.

Stephen Vose

Stephen Vose

Stephen is a magistrate in the Perth Children’s Court. Stephen has run the Drug Court Program and been involved in exploring its effectiveness in the US. Stephen’s profession has seen him live in the Pilbara for a number of years. He also spent over 10 years with Aboriginal Legal Services. In his role with ALS he traveled extensively throughout WA including extensive times in remote communities.

Stephen loves family. He knows the value of belonging and being connected. This is reflected in his strong faith and the deep joy and value he has in his grandchildren. Stephen is an active member of Parkerville Baptist Church. He also has an active interest in vintage cars.

John Brennon

John Brennon

John has been a long time friend of John Wilmot. They have enjoyed running courses together at prison. John has been employed in the prison social services for over a decade. He is currently a Prison Chaplain at Acacia Prison. John has a passion for supporting and mentoring men in both pre-release and post release. His previous work has added to his skill base and effectiveness in his vocation.

Pauline Vigus

Pauline Vigus
Advocacy Support

Pauline is a retired psychiatrist. Currently a member of Bringing Them Home Committee ( and Madjitil Moorna Inc singing learning healing bringing cultures together ( ), she is passionate about social justice.

Pauline brings a rich knowledge resource in social justice and links with mental health. Pauline’s heart is best summed up by Amos 5:24 “but let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never failing stream.”

Ray Brown

Ray Brown

Ray will be celebrating his 40th year as a pastor. 25 of those years have been at his current church, Bellevue Baptist. Ray has been on the board of Baptist Care for over 6yrs. He is passionate about bringing people into relationship with God and seeing people reach their potential under God. Ray has a deep concern for people who are seen as weak and vulnerable. Ray and his wife enjoy being grandparents.

Ray has an active interest in photography and in his “spare” time Ray has worked in various casual or project positions in IT. He has used this skill to support John and Angela during their time in Malawi, where he visited and set up various creative ways of overcoming the internet and IT issues faced in rural Africa. He continues to support John and Angela in this area.

Noel Harding

Noel Harding
Taxation Accountant Charities Advisor

Noel is one of the pre-eminent accountants in Australia particularly when it comes to understanding the religious not-for-profit sector and taxation law. Noel is routinely consulted to serve on advisory committees for the government/ATO and sought for his advice and feedback on the impact of legislation on the religious NFP sector. Most notably was his input to government on the impact of the GST (prior to its rollout in 2000) and the establishment of the ACNC.

Noel has worked tirelessly, as an in-kind donation, supporting the establishment as incorporated entities of both RDBS and BSP. He has supported the establishment of good governance structure as well as PBI, Charity Status, ATO approval and ACNC status. Noel and his wife, Ann, have been long time members of their church. His integrity is second to none. As was said about him, “if it passes Noel’s approval, you know it will pass anyones.”

Angela Thomas

Angela Thompson
Book Keeper

Angela has many years experience in book keeping for legal firms. She is now employed with Veritas Engineers. Her skills and knowledge in bookkeeping are much appreciated especially in the early stages of establishing sound financial management processes for RDBS and BSP. Angela and her husband have been long time members at Armadale Congregational Church.

Gary McGrechan

Garry McGrechan
Advisor Mentor

Garry has supported the Wilmots for well over a decade. His role has been advisory and as a mentor. Garry has made a number of trips to Malawi and now to Newman. Garry is the Managing Director of his company Paradigm Engineers. He is also chairman of both Parkerville Baptist Church and Baptist Care WA. His wife is an active mentor and support person to Angela.

Angela Wilmot

Angela Wilmot
Board Secretary

Angela, with her husband John, has had extensive experience working in challenging cross cultural environments including the African nation Malawi 1999-2009. Angela holds a degree in Science, microbiology and biochemistry (UWA) and a diploma in Education (UWA). She is currently studying a Diploma in Ministry Counselling (Harvest West). Angela works with BSP and RDBS in Community Support. She also works with the Martu Christian Fellowship in Community Support.

Since her leap into faith as a 19 year old Angela has been committed to living by her convictions. Together with her husband Angela’s desire has been towalk humbly, seek justice, love and mercy. Angela is the mother to seven incredible children, one for every day of the week.

John Wilmot

John Wilmot
Exoffico – CEO

John has a passion for the marginalised and the disenfranchised. This passion has lead him to complete a Graduate Diploma of Divinity (Vose), Bachelor of Theology,cultural studies (Murdoch University), Masters in International and Community Development (Deakin University). He also holds a Cert 4 Trainer and Assessor and is currently pursuing embarking on a Phd based on his work.

John with his wife Angela spent 1999-2009 working in Malawi Africa.
He developed a commitment to holism and tackling systemically the issues
that impede individuals and communities moving forward to be all they are
created to be. John is an ordained Baptist Reverend, accredited by the
Baptist Union of WA. His roles with the Martu include Pastor Martu Christian Fellowship, Community Support, CEO Martu Farm.

John has extensive life skills and has worked in many and varied jobs which have added to this. His colourful past has given him deep empathy and endurance to journey with people and communities. John believes in “struggling well” and “overcoming” being a key to health and wellbeing. John has worked in hospital, prison and school chaplaincies. He is an outstanding communicator and public speaker with extensive experience from lecturing, running workshops and courses, preaching. He is the father of seven amazing kids and is an adopted person himself. This year marks his 20th wedding anniversary. John’s dream is to one day be drafted to play for St Kilda, a team he has supported since before his earliest memory.

Phil Lindsay

Phil Lindsay
Cross Cultural Resource Advisor

Phil Lindsay is currently TEAR Australia’s Development Effectiveness Officer; a grand sounding job title, but really just means he helps TEAR look at what it does, helps works out how well TEAR’s doing it, and thinks about how TEAR can do it better. He works with international partner organisations in evaluating development projects, training, monitoring and helping TEAR and its partners learn from their experience.

Phil is married to Toni, a GP in the Perth Hills, and they have 5 children. Phil has worked with TEAR for nearly 10 years and before that was a TEAR fieldworker with Toni and their family in Nepal.

Phil is involved in managing a local community sporting club, has been on the international board of International Nepal Fellowship for more than 10 years and has an extensive background in the not-for-profit sector.

Support Volunteers

Bron Kreigler

Bron Kriegler
Co-ordinator Easter Team/ WA RDBS Representative

Bron takes some of her teaching breaks co-ordinating teams to Newman. These support teams provide the much needed volunteer base to help with the smooth running of events. The teams also serve the purpose of advocacy, as those coming grow in their knowledge of Aboriginal history and what it means to be a minority culture living in a dominant culture. A chance to meet and get to know people whose worlds may otherwise not connect, allows the formation of relationships. Relationships smash through stereotypes. Bron is a long time member of Mt Pleasant Baptist Church.

Craig Siggins

Craig Siggins
Cultural Resource /Perth Based Support

Craig and his wife spent over a decade as pastor/missionaries with the Martu people of the Pilbara. During that time Craig’s knowledge of language and culture grew deep. Craig has been a long time friend of John and Angela. And it was under his encouragement and support that The Wilmots reflected on relocating to Newman. Craig is well respected and loved by the Martu people. Craig is committed to supporting the annual Easter Convention. His support includes physically co-leading teams with Bron as well as being available for being a Perth based representative available as a resource to those interested or forming teams.

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